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What’s wild at YOUR house?

We were asked to give sanctuary in our tiny wildlife pond to eight tiny ducklings and the mother, since where they were living was dangerous. The day they arrived they were so happy, swimming in clear clean water, eating duckweed and duck food we offered them. That night the mother took off and left them to be raised by humans. Ducks take a very long time to grow big enough to fly. It’s been many weeks of feeding them three or four times a day, keeping them off the patio to keep it clean, keeping them safe from roosters, etc. We were rewarded by waking up a few mornings in a row now by soft peeping out the sliding glass doors. Opening my eyes, there were all five remaining young ducks watching me sleep, hoping I’d get up and feed them. Covering my head with the pillow didn’t work. I got up. For all the work they are, it is still nice to have them here. Knowing we are a part of their habitat makes me feel closer to nature.

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What's wild at your house?

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