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It's spring here at the farm, and yes, we do get seasons! The monsoon-like rains suddenly stopped and the cold nights have given way to hot mid-days, drought and windy weather. The birds at the farm know it is spring, and they gather to fight over territory, nesting sites, or just to say hi and catch up on the news.

Today Lucky LaRue, a very tiny black and white cardinal-looking bird we rescued from a pile of leaves in a coma and put back in the wild after a few weeks of help, came to visit the scene of all the activity today by the barn.

A huge machine (and crew) was hired to take out some 'weeds' that we let grow too big. About fifty feet too big! They actually turned out to be fast growing invasive weed-trees!

The stump remover at the end was the size of a small car. It is remote controlled and has a three foot wheel in front that eat stumps up in seconds. The noise is horrendous. Chips of wood- five inches across -are flying through the air. Men are everywhere. The air is thick with dirt and sawdust. And here comes Lucky La Rue, this tiny, fragile little bird maybe four inches head to tail, and sits in the midst of everything to watch-- close up-- obviously engrossed in the scene of carnage. Tilting his head from side to side, he calmly takes it all in, just feet from the machine. We were transfixed by his sudden strange appearance and calm detached observation. We have been seeing him a lot lately,(there are very few of him around) and I thought that this was a quiet metaphor for what I should do.

These days are scenes of carnage, destruction and change, true. But if Lucky can sit quietly, taking it all in, watching calmly amidst the storm, so can I. After all, if a tiny little bird can feel safe against man, machine, and mayhem, then SURELY we can all train ourselves to do the same.

Let's feel lucky. There's a whole lot of sorrow out there but a whole lot of ground to gain.le's find our calm "inner eye" of the storm, our happy place, and be able to stand, unshaken, even amidst the crashing of worlds.

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