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What’s WILD at your house?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Today we started building a temporary pen alongside the release aviary to house a full grown pet male peacock named Peepers. Peepers lives inside a house and wears a contraption that catches the poop. He’s a lot like an indoor dog, and I’ve seen him sit on the back of the owner‘s chair at night and lay his long, long neck over her shoulder and rest his head on her chest, eyes closed, while she pet his head and watched tv. He shares the home with a cat AND a dog. He’s a loving and adoring bird. It isn’t his fault he was born in a such a huge body! (He’s about three feet long and growing.) there’s no way we can keep him inside our house. He was orphaned very young age, and was desperate as a little chick to be with his human adopted mother every second, we think because he saw his whole family killed by a dog -all at once -in front of his eyes. Pretty traumatic.

So it’s a good thing we are a typical farm that has lots of lumber, chicken wire, unusual odds and ends and plenty of American ingenuity and fortitude to make this happen so that Peepers mom will feel comfortable knowing he’s safe while she gets treatments for a month in California for stage four cancer. Kimo‘s parents came by to help erect it and Kimo had fun helping too.

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