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What’s wild at your house?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Early in the wee hours a storm hit the farm, throwing outdoor furniture and garbage cans, breaking lamps and making bird nest boxes in the tree swing wildly. Bruce had to go down to the barn and get a heavy tarp out and nail it to the aviary in the growing dawn at 6 a m (without coffee if you can believe that).

Running a wildlife sanctuary means being on call at all hours and today is no exception. I checked on the hanging nest box in the tree during the storm and I could feel, when I put my hand in, that all three baby Mynahs were safe and warm and well protected despite the driving rain and wind. (It’s a myth that the parents will reject them if you touch them.)

Daffy the crippled wild duck flew so low to the ground that she skimmed the grass- to come get her twice daily feeding -but only made about 1 mph headway against the heavy wind. She is the only one that doesn’t seem to mind the weather! It should clear enough to check on cacao and windbreak tree damage here soon. But for now, we count ourselves lucky, because everyone’s ok. With all the windows and doors shut tight the sound of all our indoor birds cheeping echos inside and it feels nice and cozy. I‘m taking a rare minute to put me feet up and enjoy!

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