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Double Paris Awards!  Tree-To-Bar Chocolate and all things chocolate and cacao!


We’ve MOVED our farm stand presence into the Chocolate House right here on our farm and don’t have set hours yet so just call before coming!

We are one minute from the old farm stand on a Kaukonahua Road. Call for entrance to the gate, we will be there in one minute if it’s not open. (We may be harvesting and had to step out.) 



If you love everything chocolate, you are our kind of person!  

As of March 7, 2023, (the soft opening) you get to see where the magic actually happens in our tree-to-bar ‘chocolate house’. 

Now you get to see how it’s done, smell the roasting bean fragrance permeating the room, and try all our products —out of the weather. We now can have much more to offer indoors. 

The Chocolate House was built by us, by hand, and features wood we reclaimed ourselves, a garden-like setting, and vintage items we use, while getting a glimpse of our farm lives in our happy place! 

About our chocolate: Our first-ever harvest was entered into the world awards for cacao (Cacao of Excellence, Salon de Chocolat), and amazingly won— and stunned the Paris judges who didn’t even know Hawaii was growing cacao!  French Master Chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin was ecstatic about the unique “terroir” of bright fruit notes, spices and florals. “What is happening in my mouth?” he exclaimed to the thousand-odd guests and paparazzi about our chocolate. One of the best days in our lives, receiving that award on-stage in Paris. Representing our country like that is such a heady experience! 

This is a Single Estate chocolate, and like wine of a certain area, it has unique flavors found in no other chocolate world-wide. Other chocolates of note are often Single Origin, from a certain area, but the hardest to find are from a single farm, called Single Estate, also like wine! 

Tree-to-table single-estate ‘Ultra Fine’  (the judges had to come up with a new category for beans like ours)  chocolate bars, cacao tea, chocolate perfume, chocolate soap, chocolate body scrubs, rare white Jaguar cacao, roasted cacao beans and nibs...cacao stained glass windows, the smell of freshly roasted cacao—we live, eat and breathe cacao and chocolate every day of our lives. We rarely leave the place! So now we invite you to share the joy. It’s best to call before you come as we work at chores every day and aren’t available every once in a blue moon.

With the chocolate- making house now also being an on-site farm store, there are no farm tours offered now. We are sorry we cannot offer that anymore but the store is awesome! 

 We do everything ourselves, including manning the store when you call to come in.  If you are ‘just looking to kill time’, this is NOT the place for you! This tiny store, a real, honest-to-goodness once in a lifetime event, is for these who want to eat, breathe and sleep dark chocolate! 

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We’ve moved to our farm! Just .1 miles from the old farm stand is our farm. We’ve moved to where we make our chocolate on our farm and opened it to the public with more of what we make to taste and smell. A feast for the senses! Being out of the weather and being able to show you what we do has now come to fruition. 
Pure ‘ultra fine’ chocolate, rated the top 1% of the top 1% of cacao in Paris at the Cacao of Excellence Awards, with cacao and organic sugar—and not much more. No fillers, soy, preservatives or vanilla!  Each bar has a custom made mynah bird on it so you know it’s the real thing. 
It melts like butter, has so much chocolate taste with no bitterness and the surprising bright fruit notes in the mid taste—and hidden  spices and  florals in the aftertaste and added bonus. 

  We offer tree-to-bar (meaning everything is done on-site) chocolate bars made from our two-time world award-winning cacao in 60%, 70% and 80%, the new 100%, and the local favorite Gourmet 70% Spicy Bar,  on Kaukonahua Road, or order by phone—we ship! Just call us to make sure we are open until we establish set hours. (808)779-8608 or (808)561-6389.

  Our small batch, rare, handmade  “Just Chocolate” Perfume, which really smells like sweet chocolate, and chocolate body scrubs, roasted beans, cacao vegan soap, 100% cacao Chocolate Tea, cacao nibs, and other dreamy secret and unusual finds for the discriminating gourmet only here...

Pieces of Chocolate


  Not exactly for children, this is more for chocolate makers, chefs, real chocolate lovers, vineyard owners, foodies and discriminating world travelers intent on an amazing chocolate experience!
  We’ve had people write us it was a once in a lifetime event they will never forget. Our farm, combining wildlife and farming,  are the focus of what we do. 
    Architectural details of the hand-built beautiful chocolate-making house, the award-winning chocolate made by the owners, the unique chocolate and cacao products, and garden-like setting and occasional introductions to the tamer wild birds are all memorable parts of the visit.  Maybe a Mynah will greet you, or a peacock eat from your hand. It’s magical place for magical chocolate and magical moments. 



Always something new! . Stop by and take home a free cacao pod, or free spinach, squash, basil or other goodies from the kitchen garden when it overflows. Free samples of nibs, cacao juice, or unfermented beans  will be offered and the occasional rare jaguar cacao. 



We’ve moved from the Honey Stand to open our own on-site store.  The farm will be most days 10-4:30 or so, but call for exact hours. It’s on  Kaukonahua Road near Waialua on a picturesque winding country road. The drive’s view opens up to behold the North Shore scenic views framed by old ironwood trees, with stunning views of the ocean. Instead of taking the road by the Dole plantation, this one takes you through old Hawaii, seeing 100-year-old working aqueducts,  agricultural  reservoirs, horses, cattle, and old-timey Haleiwa at the bottom of the hill past us. You see the highest point on the island; Mt.Ka’ala, who’s statuesque visage looms over our farm, featured in sunrises snd sunsets daily.  Our Certified Wildlife Habitat farm lies right along the migrating route of egrets, parrots and doves so we see the flocks like timeclocks each morning and night, setting the rhythm for the farm. It’s a great spot for photos and peaceful days.



Our twofold mission

Our mission at Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm is twofold. First, we strive to provide a magical beautiful farm that is producing the highest quality small-batch cacao, and the most unique terroir chocolate, and other amazing goodies possible, while staying small and focusing on the important things- chocolate and nature- so you can purchase high quality bars, fresh Jaguar pods, and other specialty one of a kind chocolate items found nowhere else.    Secondly, we make it a rule to only partake in responsible farming in order to protect the environment and wildlife  to help it thrive to its fullest capacity, and to make everything beautiful inside and out. We are constantly putting efforts back into promoting nature here,  and are a Certified Wildlife Habitat. To learn more about our responsible farming techniques and products, please get in touch.

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Straight from the Farm

We have frequent amazing things from year round crops from our 600  trees to choose from here at Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao. If you are like us and care about the environment, you’ll appreciate the fact that farming is permaculture based and a wildlife certified habitat.  Due to our happy and healthy farming and creative ideas, we are able to sell our unique produce directly to you at the farm stand. Come by to check out our chocolate lovers products for yourself.

Contact us (808)779-8608
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Vegan small-batch tree-to-bar Chocolate Soap from Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao. It’s stuffed full of our award-winning cacao with very high antioxidants. We have been told by many of our customers that they simply love it: for the scent, the real cacao pieces, for easing their itchy skin and that it works after just one use—and we can’t say we blame them, or keep it in stock! That’s because everything we grow at Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao is grown with love, only as needed, so it's totally fresh, looks better, smells better, feels better and tastes better. Try it out yourself.



 $8 for 4oz jar  

We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome and seasonal Fresh Chocolate body scrubs. Take home dark chocolate, lavender chocolate or other kinds of scrub scents with lots of our real cacao stuffed into it! There are lots to choose from, and our offerings change depending on the time of year so you’ll always be surprised when you visit us. You should know that everything we make  at our farm is grown responsibly and picked by us, (the owners), in season, so you can fully enjoy nature’s bounty




The states largest Jaguar tree cacao stand, we are told, at ten trees, is at our farm. Only 1,000 are thought left in the wild. A TRUE white chocolate bean, we sell the pods fresh or the dried beans when we have them. Though we keep ourselves small and secret, we’ve become famous throughout the ultra fine chocolate world -more for the dark chocolate beans -from our Paris awards and Big Island Chocolate Festival wins but the Jaguar cacao is our other secret! It is grown in the same terroir and is for eating raw or making your own true white chocolate. 
     We make huge efforts so that everything at Nine Fine Mynahs is either rare, the best possible and creatively beautiful, both while growing and when presented to you. Due to our efforts, we are able to assure you that all of our produce contains the healthy antioxidants, flavors, and nutrients you want and that make your world a little more fun and happy, all while supporting our wildlife rehab and restoration.




The owner didn’t like traditional perfumes so she designed her own, making it smell just like real chocolate! It’s unbelievable! 
  Small batch, handmade, with lots of their real cacao, it’s the real deal- undeniably chocolate! It starts with roasted cacao beans and food grade alcohol, then aged for several months in the cellar. At time of bottling  three more heavenly chocolate notes are added creating a complex, heady, rich, true-to-life chocolate scent. (Crystal  clear bottles with crystal-shaped bottle top and sprayer.)




We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome and exotic Chocolate Tea. What parts of the beans that don’t get made into chocolate bars go straight into crystal bags. Take home a sample to mix with coffee, make straight, sprinkle on baked goods, add to hot milk and sugar or more! Be creative! There are lots of heady chocolate scents in it as you open the bag, and our offerings change depending on the time of year, the roast and the seasonal terroir so you’ll always be surprised when you visit us. Everything we make is grown responsibly through permaculture and loving techniques and picked every two weeks, so you can fully enjoy nature’s gifts the way they are intended- as fresh food. Roasted only as needed, it stays super fresh. (Also in large jars for $18.)




Pick up your Ultra-fine Chocolate from Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm. We also sell one pound and one half pound blocks by special request. We have been told by many of our customers that they simply have fallen in love with our chocolate, and we can’t say we blame them. That’s because everything we grow and make at Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm is grown with love, so our bars are fresher, simpler, purer and tastier. The unique terroir dazzled the Paris judges. 
  Try it out yourself and see if you, too, are fascinated! Tree-to-bar, not available anywhere else, a secret; to keep us small and focused on the perfect taste. Care for your bars by keeping them cool, airtight, away from strong-smelling items, and be sure not to hold them in your hands long; they melt like butter!  Rich. Heady. Unique bright fruit mid-taste. Long, long, long aftertaste with no bitterness….and florals, spices and tropical fruit notes. See the flavor wheel from Paris experts! 


Serving the Community


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How to Successfully Monetize Your Hobby Farm

hobby farm is considered a recreational activity and isn't usually set up with the intention of financial gain. However, that's not to say that hobby farming can't provide a second income. 

Whether you farm crops such as vegetables, meat from animals, dairy products, or honey from bees, hobby farms are often considered one of the best supplemental income options due to their universal appeal, social aspects, and financial superiority in comparison to other business ideas. Therefore, hobby farms that produce value-added products are rising in popularity the world over. 

Be Prepared to Work

When you decide to start a hobby farm, you need to be prepared to put in plenty of hard work. Before you start toiling away, your first task is to get a soil analysis from your local government agency. This is the best way to ensure your soil has all of the nutrients it needs to grow healthy plants, a vital component to all types of hobby farms. If there is any soil contamination, you’ll be advised on remediation steps to improve its health.

Next, learn all you can about what it takes to successfully raise value-added products or care for animals — without this knowledge, your business simply cannot succeed. Read whatever you can get your hands on, watch videos on YouTube, and visit similar farms in your area and take tours if possible. There’s so much required of you that it’s important to know if you’re willing and able to handle the work that’s ahead. Once you have all of this sorted out, you can then move on to the business aspects of your hobby farm.

Create a Solid Business Plan

When you start any business, the first step is to create a solid business plan

And if you want to create a business plan that is professional and will help secure funding for your farm, you'll need to consider short-term and long-term goals, define the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, create a mission statement, and provide any relevant background information. 

Your business plan should also be:

• Realistic

• Simple

• Specific

• Complete

Finding Funding

After establishing a convincing business plan, it should become easier to find funding for your hobby farm.

When looking for a grant, it's important to only apply for funding that is earmarked for your industry and matches your short-term and long-term goals. 

Focus on Marketing

If you've successfully found funding for your hobby farm, marketing your business is the next step. 

While you may have ready-made customers in the form of family and friends, reaching out to the wider community is a great way to encourage extra custom and consequently additional revenue. 

Often, people are discouraged from marketing their small businesses due to a lack of knowledge. However, you don't have to do it on your own and can ask for help from freelance graphic designers, web designers, and SEO professionals.

These professionals will assist in creating and distributing visuals, images, and online content to drive customers to your business. For example, if you're adding images to your marketing materials, a graphic or web designer can compress JPG files to make them easier to email without degrading image quality.

Form a Corporation

When monetizing your hobby farm, you may want to consider forming a corporation.

There are many benefits to operating as a corporation. These include:

• Limited personal liability for debts

• Easier transfer of ownership

• Increased access to capital

However, it's important to remember that Hawaii has unique formation requirements, so carefully research the process. 

Make Money From Your Hobby Farm Today

To successfully sell your value-added products from your hobby farm, you need to ensure you have a solid business plan, find funding from a suitable scheme, and focus your attention on your business's marketing.

By taking it one step at a time to finalize these aspects, your hobby farm could become an impressive moneymaker. 

Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm produces delicious products and hosts a bunch of fun activities throughout the year. Call us today at (808) 779-8608!

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P.O. Box 830 Waialua, HI 96791, USA

(808) 779-8608 or (808)561-6389

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Professional Local Farm

Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm is a local family-run Farm that has been producing delicious fresh products and hosting a variety of fun activities since 2000. We strive to make the most of everything the great outdoors has to offer. Our products are fresh from the field, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality produce.

We host a bunch of fun activities that take place throughout the year. Check out our events calendar and come visit us with your family for a day of fun at Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm.

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